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  • Press their red help button first -“Needing Help” alert not going away.

    According to the instructions the only way to remove an agent from the “Needing Help” section is by the agent doing so from the Agent Tool bar.
    ShoreWare Supervisor Applications Guide (CCSAG-4.32-01) Page 2 – 21
    “The report shows the agent’s name, identifying number, internal extension number, and
    the length of time the agent has been waiting for help. Agents are removed from the list
    when they receive help and press their red help button.”

    We deleted the original account 2276 and recreated it 2277 using a different agent number and extension. (The account was corrupted somehow and this was the only way we know how to fix it.)
    Problem is now that the “Needing Help” is still active from the old agent user 2276.
    Had we followed these instructions and STOP the “Needing Help” red button first on her original agent number before we deleted the account the problem would have been an non-issue.

    Anyone know how to remove it?
    We thought about recreating a new agent using the same 2276 number and seeing if the agent tool bar would remove the “Needing Help” alert after we hit the red button….but though i would ask here first before

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    A restart of the server will do it for sure.
    Sounds like a bug to me though. Did you call TAC?


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      A reboot did fix it, which is what my TAC sad to do also...yes sound like a bug.
      Thank goodness we have the ability to schedule maintenance window for a reboot…. I would hate to think what to do if were a 24/7 shop. lol


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        One would think logging the agent out would clean that request out of EMIS, which is more than likely where the problem began.