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  • Upgrade time frame

    Upgrading to 5.0 and was wondering how much time I should block for this?
    I have an hour scheduled, but should I block more? All I'm doing is the upgrade, no redundency or dongle less supervisor.

    Also will we get a prompt to upgrade the agent clients and supervisor clients, is there a URL that we can fall back on for the client upgrade.

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    Upgrading should not take more than one hour for the install itself. However, it may take more than that to upgrade the database depending on the size of your database. During this time you don't actually need to be there. It will be done in the background.

    In 5.0 there is not push for the install and there will be no prompt.
    You need to upgrade all your agents and supervisors.


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      I'd suggest allowing 4 hours - if everything went smoothly you might get through shutdown, upgrade, the database conversion and reboot(s) in an hour, barely, if EVERYTHING goes to plan with a small db and a fast server... in practice though just the database conversion itself can take >1hr (ours nearly 2), on completion you will want to test (3 hours in to upgrade and testing we found all our database lookups were failing), then worst case time to troubleshoot and ultimately roll back.

      As for the agents and supervisors - sorry no magic there, you'll need to deploy them manually. Good luck!



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        During the db upgrade the ECC can take calls correct?

        On the client upgrade, I have to either push the setup_agent.exe or manually via a CD or flash drive load the client upgrade on each machine?
        OR do I use the existing agent.exe that is currently on the desktop?


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          We did upgrade from 4.65 to 4.66 then to took 3 days for database conversion to complete.


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            The 3 day db conversion was the historial db and not the configuration db correct?

            After the configuration db conversion, which should only take half hour at the most, the system will take calls correct, even if the historical db is still converting?


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              The system is fully operational after the configuration upgrade completes. That should take about 1-2 minutes.