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  • Odd ECC Dongle Question


    I would like to backup the contents of my ECC dongle, and store it in a safe where it will not get stolen, lost or broken. Has anyone ever tried this before? What kind of dongle is it anyway? It appears to be some kind of Alladin dongle, but what model is it?

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    You could try, but I doubt this is possible. Most dongles like this hold a private key which is designed to be inaccessible--this is how the software verifies the dongle's presence. To allow this key to be retrieved would be to allow you to duplicate the dongle, making its licensing enforcement much less useful.


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      The technology is called HASP, and it is made by Alladin Technologies. There isn't really a way to back it up, as mentioned by Palitto Consulting that would make the security have an extremely large loophole.

      I know there is a SKU to order a redundant dongle for ECC. It's used for the new replication in ECC 5.0.