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  • Wallboard Device Support in ECC

    Can Anyone recommend any serial wallboard devices that are compatible with ECC 5.0? What are the specs on the wallboard?

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    We are holding out for API access to contact centre. Serial wallboards are so '80s.

    Originally posted by catatonique View Post
    Can Anyone recommend any serial wallboard devices that are compatible with ECC 5.0? What are the specs on the wallboard?


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      The 80's and all of its primitive serial devices and pixelated graphics were so cool. I would hope to see more serial device support in the future not less. You will have to hold out a long time for API access. That would expose the crown jeweles to great scrutiny. :balloon:


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        ShoreTel - Spectrum Corporation

        That is Spectrum's site that has serial wallboards for ECC. Granted, these are all kinds of fun to deal with if the wallboard isn't near the server. I see people wall mounting TVs and putting the ECC Agent Manager on them. Seems to work.


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          Just get a 52" TV/monitor and connect to a PC, load the client.


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            I'm on the tail end of implementing a spectrum wallboard right now. I can recommend the Spectrum 4120c as being compatible. You will need a Lantronix MSS-100 to convert the serial port of your ECC server so that it is accessible over the network. There really isn't any documentation from shoretel or spectrum on how to configure their boards for use with ECC. The only documentation that is out there as of right now is KB10180:

            The Spectrum wallboard needs to be connected to the Contact Center server, COM Port with an RS232 connection, up to 50 FT. For distances within 200 FT an RS485 converter box will be required. An RS232 TCP/IP converter (Lantronix MSS-100) solution can be considered for much greater distances.

            Also specific to the Spectrum Wallboard, the need to also change the ShoreTel Contact Center Wall Board Director, Configuration, Address field from the default value of 0, to the spectrum address of 00.
            and this little gem

            Finally, customizing data on the physical wallboard, will required a trial and error, in order to fit all of the proper text and real-time data, based on the number of display lines on a Physical Wall Board device
            They're not kidding when they say trial and error. I ended up creating a Wallboard template in excel to help me with the planning of the messages.

            Initially there was a problem with the ECC Wallboard only being able to display 13 out of 20 characters due to Wallboard director using a large/wide default font but that has now been fixed by engineering.

            I'm currently have a ticket open with Shoretel for the spectrum wallboard integration. We are upgrading to ECC 5 Build 501.3.5107 tonight, which contains the fixes necessary for the spectrum board to work properly, and I will be able to let you know the success of patch/fix that they have come up with once my contact center gets a little run time on it.
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