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  • Pulling Agent Manager data out of the database

    please see agetManager.png attachment

    How can I pull near-realtime group/queue/state information out of the Contact Center database?

    As far as I can tell, the db only updates every 15 minutes, so how does the Agent Manager update every 1 second? Maybe it polls the user's handsets directly?

    I already have logon information for the MySQL db and I can use MySQL GUI tools to look at the table and run queries, so I really just need to know what table(s) the data is located in.

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    Contact Center's real time data and real time calculations are handled by a process called EMIS. EMIS is fed data from LRL (logical routing layer). Generally it is a one-way street, except when LRL would like to make a routing decision based on TSF (target service factor). EMIS also writes the summarized data to the historical reporting in intervals. (15m or 30m, I can't remember which off the top of my head).

    Long story short, the true real time data is only available through EMIS and currently the Agent Manager is the only way to get at it.