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  • Forced Release = Locked in Call Forward

    Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post this issue, its something that has been "Haunting" out Shortel system here in all of our offices for awhile now.

    We are currently using Shortel Call Manager and phones (Mostly the 230). We are also using an Agent Toolbar (Epic Agent). When an agents fails to answer a phone call coming in from an ACD call group it puts them on Forced release. For some reason it occasionally will not allow them to put themselves back on Idle after this and it pops up the messages "Your Extension Is Set To Call Forward All" The same message you would get if you had used your phone to set yourself to out of office or in some form of call forward. The phones however will still show themselves in "Standard" mode.

    If anyone has had this issue or knows of a solution, or even has a few questions that might help resolve this issue, it would be GREATLY appreciated as its haunting our offices in multiple states.

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    I have seen this issue in the past and every time this happened it turned out to be some TAPI issues. This could be caused by something like network connectivity issues for instance.

    Have you engaged ShoreTel support?


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      No I haven't spoken with the Shoretel guys about this issue. Our company recently settled into the Shoretel within the last year and have since informed us that only the tech support staff should be contacting Shoretel. I used to be a tech at my previous job and have been asked to "Man the Fort" here in my local area.

      I have had this issue myself and some of the tech guys have rerouted other agents my way for assistance with the issue since I was already doing the research on it.

      What sort of issues in regards to TAPI are you referring to? And have you ever found a fix for this, or is it an unwanted bi-product of using the Shoretel software?

      Thanks for the response Gulu
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        By TAPI, he means that for some reason the Force Release is putting the phone into a state that ECC thinks is invalid. For a quick fix, you can try having the agent call their voicemail. This will usually kick off a new set of TAPI eventing for the extension that will get the PBX and ECC in-sync as to what that extension is doing.

        Calling support is usually the best thing to do for these issues since problems based around TAPI issues don't usually have a work-around.


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          I see... I wonder if its possible to create an automatic TAPI "Event" that would occur after an agent has been put on release. Or perhaps make it have an event that reoccurs automatically every say... 30 seconds or 1 minute to keep the Server in-sync with the users status?

          First comes first... next chance I get I will have the agent try their voice mail to see if this syncs their status with the server. I will get back to you guys on whether this was a temporary work around.


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            We're experiencing this same problem on our system. Shoretel 8.1 and ECC 4.66.05. I just updated to ECC 4.66.09 last night, so we shall see if it's fixed.
            I'm pretty sure ShoreTel is aware of the problem though. And it should be addressed in one of the updates. Maybe ECC version 5


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              There is a bug fix listed in the current build of ECC 5 which reports to correct this problem, I have not seen if it is corrected in 4.66.