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  • Long Distance silent monitoring

    ShoreWare Director Build 13.23.4801.0

    We take call for several different companies (as I am sure we all do) but one of our clients would like to listen to their program calls only, remotely. Our call center is in Colorado and they are in Florida. Without installing remote agent software on a PC in Florida I am not sure what to do.

    Here are some instructions I was given from my Shoretel Vendor. I have set this up and it sort of works.....but they seem cumbersome for the client and they will always have to use the same phone in their HQ office, which phone # could change depending on who was calling from which of their several locations.

    ----Start instructions----------

    1.Create a User Group for this function. In the “Telephony COS” allow the “Initiation” of Silent Monitor.
    2.Create a ShoreTel ext for this function. Map a DID to this ext. Setup “Office Anywhere” for this ext and have it point to a customer’s cell phone or office number.

    From here the customer from their side would call this ShoreTel ext’s DID it would then ring whatever number is put in as “Office Anywhere”. Once these two calls are connected then from the “Office Anywhere” leg of the call you could enter in **+*17+the ext they want to monitor.

    ----End instructions----------

    I used to manage an Avaya G3 PBX (until we moved to Shoretel) which doing this sort of function was easy. It was basically the same except they could use any phone to call in and the the announecment would prompt for digits example... "collect 4 digits, if digits = 1234 then route to vector 4321” vector 4321 would be their calls and their calls only. Minding COS and authorizations obviously it worked.
    This Shoretel solution feels like a work around and not a permanent solution, there has to be a better way to do this.