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  • Reorder tone when monitoring or barging

    Do any one know what would cause reorder tone when a supervisor try and monitor or barge into an agent? It doesn't happen all the time so I thought it was not having enough conference ports available. I added 4 more on a sg 120/24 switch but the samething is happening. They are running 4.66.02. Any ideals? Thanks

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    It's possible that their user group in Shoreware Director does not allow them to silent monitor or barge in. Even if you use the buttons in Agent Toolbar to do it, silent monitor and barge are PBX functions and require the permissions there to make it happen.


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      Another possibility: Does it matter what trunk? SIP trunks, perhaps? Also, are these all external calls?


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        That might do it too. If I remember right the ECC buttons use a TAPI command which will throw a reorder tone on failure where as PCM just won't let you do it. Honestly, I usually train users to use PCM since it is a heck of a lot better at keeping track of such things.