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  • Upgrading from 4.66 to 5.0

    Anyone upgrade to 5.0 yet? Just wondering how it went and if the upgrade was difficult. This will be my first upgrade of ECC and was wondering if I should have ShoreTel pro services help me with the first upgrade?

    Anyone running 5.0 and see any issues we need to look out for?

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    I've done it and didn't have any particular issues. There are some things to keep in mind when doing an upgrade though.

    1. Backup
    2. Backup
    3. Backup - Yes 1, 2, and 3 are the same. Make sure you have their entire system backed up, and ensure you still have the installer for the 4.66 version they are on. You absolutely need to be able to go back to what they had in case the upgrade fails.
    4. There are new features that won't work on an upgrade. For example, the dongle-less supervisor stations. That requires ordering a SKU and sending back the physical keys.

    I would be a bit cautious if they are using the campaign dialer too. That underwent some significant changes and might require some tinkering to get going again.


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      I haven't heard of 5.0 upgrades gone bad and there have been a few.
      As Sarsin said though, back up before you start.


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        So the supervisor won't work until we get the new SKU and sending back the dongles?


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          No, What Sarsin means is that you will not be able to use floating supervisor licenses until you send back your supervisor dongles for a server license update. You can still use the supervisors you have with the dongles you have right now.

          Replacing the servers with floating licenses works to your benefit since you can install on multiple machines and have the server control the licensing.


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            Thanks for the info folks


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              Has anyone specifically upgraded from 4.66 to 5 that were using call control scripts? We have developed a fairly substantial IVR system using CCS's. Just want to ensure that the scripts will be fine..



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                4.66>5 script migration

                All our scripts upgraded fine BUT we did then find there was a serious issue in 5.0 that curtailed any lengthy sql queries in the SQL Execute object (all our queries are >150 characters, not sure what the exact length limit was, but every call was treated as having returned a sql error) - this issue was fixed in 501.3.3304. The database upgrade process was worryingly slow, but did eventually complete successfully (>1hr); also delighted to find we no longer had to CASE all varchar fields in the IVR queries, which greatly simplified them. Learnt to include SQL Disconnect objects in the query scripts, otherwise we saw some issues with connection pooling (odbc to MS SQL2K).



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                  Our upgrade went well for the most part. Some licence difficulties. Only one major issue left over from 4.66.07. Email sometimes won't go the agent's email. We lose that email. But many other issues we had, seem to have disappeared.