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  • Palitto Consulting
    Try this as your SQL: SELECT ({orderdate} <= {shipdate}) AS DateCompare;

    True should result in 1, false in 0. If this does not work, tell me what type of database you're running it against (MySQL, MS SQL, etc.) and I may be able to help, as each vendor has their own dialect of SQL.

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  • chadd39
    started a topic Decision question in CCS

    Decision question in CCS

    Is there a way to use a comparative on a date field? example:

    if {orderdate} <= {shipdate} then blah blah else blah blah.

    For types in the decision, it appears I can only use number or string. The decision does not work correctly when either of those are chosen. Of type date is not an option.

    If it does not work, does anyone have an idea of how to get around. Is there anything I can do with a SQL execute? IE - in the sql say if {orderdate} <= {shipdate} then {datecompare}=1 else 2. I could then do a decision based on that. if {datecompare} = 1 then blah blah, else blah?