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  • ECC - 'broadcasts' to toolbar users?

    According to the docs the ECC server uses 'UDP broadcasts' to share certain information with the toolbar users and supervisor Agent Manager, for example the CODE when release-with-code is used, or the contents of the agent Queue Calls window.

    We've found that these can be unreliable - the release-with-code in particular (the status changes to Released but the code sometimes doesn't get reflected in the agent manager) - but they do work across sites (implying there's a bit more going on behind the scenes that just UDP broadcasts).

    Has anyone had similar issues, or know more about how the server-to-agent communication really works?

    TIA - JD

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    The way the communications work in ECC is that the first agent the logs in on a new subnet is selected to be a distributer. So it gets the UDP events sent to it through TCP and distributes it UDP across the other subnet. If this agent drops the next agent takes its place.

    The UDP is not so much unreliable as the way it is implemented is hard to figure out. When an agent launches it gets all the release code info through TCP. The rest of the updates arrive every so often through UDP. So if you add a release code it will take a little time before it shows up.

    I heard rumors that UDP will be gone in a future release, past 5.0.


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      Thanks, that's a great help! Is there any way to force which agent acts as the remote site relay? (for example we have a dedicated supervisor console at each site, which we would prefer to use over first-logged-in). Any idea of the port numbers used to the relay, and from the relay for the udp broadcasts to local clients?


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        No problem. All TCP communications go through port 31452 and all UDP through 31453. So the one agent gets TCP through 31452 and redistributes through 31453. I don't know of any way to force the agent to be the broadcaster. The first to connect is the first chosen.