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  • Resetting idle call timer?

    Hi all,
    I have a customer who makes a number of outbound calls. They use a release code of outbound when they do this. When this has been completed they then go idle ready to take calls. What they are saying is that even when in idle they do not tke anywhere near the same level of calls. This is on a BSR basis and these agents have exactly the same skill/priority. When they go into release does this reset any timers that may cause this?

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    I think what you are looking for is the "Reset idle time on Non-ACD call" flag. It is located under system->misc in the ECC director.
    If this flag is on then the agent's idle timer is reset every time they make a call so other agents get priority over them (I assume they are using longest wait routing).

    You need a 4.66 system because it is pretty new.


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      Reset idle time on non ACD call

      hi all,

      i'm seeing that this does NOT work? It only resets the time on an inbound call to the agent. After they make an outbound call, the IDLE time goes to some amount of time, not ZERO.
      I want it to go to ZERO after any call?

      running Contact Center 6.0