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  • CCS Director Increase decrease action

    I am working on a script to increase a cp field as a counter by 1 each time. When it gets to 4, I will follow a differnt path. My decision is not working like it should so I back tracked to the counter to make sure it was incrementing properly

    I have worked with increase decrease in previous releases. We just upgraded to CC 4.66.05 and it does not appear to be working...

    Here is what i have..

    cpfield called COUNTER

    action - increase decrease COUNTER by 1
    action - announce COUNTER

    System will not make announcemnt. It is as though COUNTER is being considered a string and cannot be incremented by 1 because that would be a numerical type of function. I am working with Shoretel (Ted) to resolve, but I was wondering if anyone else could test for me on their system with this version.

    Thanks in advance..

    Sarsin, good idea on posting CC info. It is hard to find to say the least...

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    Did you set that CP to something initially? Usually you have to set it to 0 for the increment to work. It's not bright enough to say "Hey, someone's trying to increment a null, let's make it 0 and start from there". I have done this in the release build of 5 and it worked just fine. I have a bank that is limiting the number of login attempts to 3 tries, and I have to use the increment to do it.


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      That was it. In older versions, you did not need to set your cp field to zero first if you were going to use it for a counter. In this release, you do need to use a Change CP Field action and set the value to 0. Thank you Sarsin..