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  • Adding MOH from PBX to CC

    How are you guys doing this if you wish not to use the music from the CC server? I am stumped, not finding any good docs on it either. I do gather that it uses the IVR ports as a music path but how to actually do it I am clueless


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    Sorry to tell you but you can't use PBX music in ECC. Perhaps in a future enhancement in ECC.


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      That is a bummer, ok thank you for your time.


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        I believe they are looking at this for future releases..


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          I hope they fix this in future releases.
          We have our professional moh greetings updated every quarter. The marketing dept foots the bill.

          They remote load the new program via a dial in box. Later, I hook in with my laptop, patch cable and cool edit pro and capture the 5 minute program to a .wav file in the correct u/law format. Then drop it on the cc servers (2) for the callers to hear.

          It works great but it is hard to keep up if the main Shoretel moh program changes and the contact center still has the old .wav file looping.


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            Here's the only documented enhancement in CC5 for MOH.

            Enhanced music options
            Play music similar to streamed files from .wav files
            Music does not re-start from the beginning after each announcement

            I don't know if you will have to continue with Piston99's method though.


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              This has been a huge issue for us with one of our customers. They desperately want to use the MOH from the ShoreTel. I have talked with several different people about this and I have heard NOTHING about this being addressed in future releases. JSTEWART's post about the MOH enchancement in CC5 is not actually coming until version 5.1.