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  • Record Voice message as part of Callback info?

    Has anyone been able to configure an ECC script that can record a brief voice message from a caller when using the Callback function from a queue? That message should then be played back to an agent before the ECC dials out to the caller. We are able to send the call to a mailbox on ShoreTel and then have that mailbox e-mail the VM recording back into an e-mail queue, but the client wants the voicemail to be accessable without the use of e-mail.

    Any tricks out there?

    Bob Scott
    General Communications

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    Unfortunately ECC does not have the capability to record, and any transfer out to the PBX for that kind of functionality is treated as a "Go Directly to Jail" by ECC. In other words, when the call leaves ECC it doesn't keep track of it any longer so there wouldn't be any way to tie a voicemail on the PBX to a callback in ECC.
    There might be some work you could do procedurally to have an agent check voicemail notifications before accepting a callback. This would require a very long timer on the Agent Confirmation for the callback to give them time to check the voicemail box. That might work in a very, very small call center but larger ones I don't think would like that loss of accountability in the work flow, as well as that system would could be abused by unscrupulous agents if they were not watched closely.