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  • How do you handle Holidays?

    Using 7.5 and the built in CC. Our CC Supervisor comes in and says we had 109 abandoned calls on Christmas when coincidentally, we were closed for business. This many abandoned calls skews her numbers when she runs reports.

    How do you handle days like Christmas or New Years when the entire org is shut down and prevent your numbers from getting hosed? Different reporting tool?



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    I would suggest changing the routing prior to the call getting to the CC my 2 cents


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      Are you using the ECC contact center or the built in reports?


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        It depends on if you have ECC or just CC. If you have CC, it is lacking schedule capabilities making holidays slightly problematic. The trick I do is the following:

        1. Have all of your calls destined for Contact Center point at an auto attendant in the PBX.
        2. Set the On Hours prompt to be 1s of silence
        3. Set the timeout to 1
        4. Set the "Timeout" option to the route point extension for your CC call flow

        Now whenever a call hits this AA on-hours, it will go to CC and the caller will not know any different. You can now use the scheduling in the PBX itself to set Off Hours and Holiday destinations, heading CC "off at the pass" so to speak.

        As for past events, in the historical reporting you can exclude certain dates/times when running a report using the "Advanced" button when you are selecting dates and times. So if Christmas is problematic for your reporting because of the call routing, just exclude it from the report.

        As for ECC, it would involve creating a holiday day time in the System configuration. That's a whole different conversation. Let me know if you have ECC and I can write something up for that too. I've been meaning to write a scheduling KB article anyways


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          Yes, we have the regular "built in" CC as I call it. Sarsin, this is how the calls are setup now, and this works very well. As an end-user, I'm not familar with the scheduling to know where and how to set scheduling for Holidays. I'll call my vendor for some help on that.

          Thanks for the assist!



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            I need help with ECC holiday scheduling. I can't locate much documentation and I'm not sure if my assumptions are correct. I configured my working schedules and setup a holiday non-workday. What will the ECC do on a non-workday? Will it use the default destination or do I have to configure the route point to go to an auto attendant?