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  • Conf Bridge ends the call...why?

    Hello again gang, Looking for a little help with our Conference Bridge (Version 19.48.2600.0 is shown at the bottom of the page).

    Users just recently started mentioning that our Conference Bridge disconnects calls at the end of the time scheduled. In other words, meeting 10 - 11, "Conference Bridge is ending the call" is announced right at 11, and hangs up. Per our local tech, nothing's ticked/checked/ or found (Sa100).

    What I did find in Director though was the tick box "Outlook Automated Call Handling" (which is "Use Outlook appointments to change Call Handling Mode" in Communicator, right?) ticked for about 30% of our company. I went thru each and removed it FYI. Is there any way this tick box could end a Conf Bridge call? I'm being told yes by our tech, but testing so far is inconclusive. It seems to be random, where a handful of users it happens to often, where others, never. "Chair" appears to have no bearing as far as we can tell.

    1) Can the tick box above disconnect the call?
    2) With or without the other "Calendar" Outlook plugin? (Outlook 2k15) - Communicator 14.2 Build 19.48.2600.0
    Let me know if more info is required, and I'll supply it.

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    Is this posted in the proper area? Bump maybe?


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      The Outlook call handling just changes call handling modes, it will not end calls. I would have to look at an old build to check, but at one point there was a checkbox in one of the conference admin pages to kill a conference at the end of it's scheduled time. I think that is no longer an option on the SA series conference bridges though.


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        On the SA that's been one of the biggest complaints I used to get, so now everyone builds reservation-less ones and then they get mad when it's out of ports!! My old trusty Nortel bridge in a small office has the ability to tell you that the bridge is ending in 10 minutes and then has the ability to add 15 minutes by the chair if it can. Wish Shoretel's bridge performed it!


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          Thanks for both replies! I posted my version number of the CB software... am I "current" or is that my Shoretel version? We are already reservationless here.

          Lastly: Is it possible that this could be based on a specific bridge? Like HR or IT, or SALES but not affect others? At the moment, a small pattern is developing on only 2 of the 10 or so bridges but I cannot be certain just yet?

          Thanks again for the replies.
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            Chasing that same issue with the same build, 19.48.2600.0. This started about a month ago; does yours also have an IVR that says - "Ending Call"? If I find anything, will post it!