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  • Converged Conferencing 7.1 - Email notification of expiring number

    Situation: We have a Converged Conference Bridge 7.1 and about 100 users. Each user is set up with a conference number that expires after 26 weeks. The issue is not knowing/being reminded that the number is about to expire.

    How can the user and admin be notified that the conference has expired? The admin portal already has an email address for every user. Is there an email notification setting?

    My meantime solution is to sync every user's expiration date to the same day, once a year. I can then set a calendar notification for once a year and remind everyone myself. and/or push out the calendar invite.


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    You can increase the maximum weeks for default 26 to 3120 weeks:

    ~~For your convenience here are a few calculation examples:
    52 Weeks = (1 Year)
    104 Weeks = (2 Years)
    206 Weeks = (5 Years)
    258 Weeks = (6 Years)
    310 Weeks = (7 Years)
    512 Weeks = (10 Years)
    3120 Weeks = (60 Years System Maximum)