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  • Captaris RightFax and ShoreTel

    Anyone have experience integrating these two together? We are going to be cutting our HQ location next month and this is one of the issues looming over my head. Just like to hear if there are any quirky things or problems to watch out for...


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    I have done a few faxserver intergration with the ST. Is the faxserver currently on a PBX or COs. What type of board are you using loopstart, analog DID or T1? Are you going to be using inbound DID routing.?

    There are quite a few potholes but it would be better to directly address you design, than faxservers at large.

    Shoretel has an App note that covers it pretty well. Call Partner or TAC and they can send it to you.
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      We are using a Brooktrout T1 board off a PBX. We will be using DID's once we cut over to ShoreTel but currently the fax lines are POTs that I believe are forwarded to the faxserver trunk.

      I have e-mailed my partner about the app note, thanks...


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        The app note is not going to be much good to you if you are going to use the T1 card. It is set around using analog loop start board.

        T1 ingeration are rare because of the high cost of the T1 box. Also if you are using a T1 you can't use the users voice DID as their fax DID, you can only do that when using a loop start board. You are going to need a trunk group that has off system extensions of the DIDs you want to use as Fax numbers and then plug the t1 box into the brooktrout. More than likely the ST will have to be setup as Network and the Brooktrout as User for the T1 singaling.

        Its not going to be to bad, but its not going to follow the app note.

        The programming is going to be more like connecting two PBXs together, thats how the ST is going to see it.

        Let me know if you get stuck or have any questions.
        There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that donít.


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          Thanks, we are scheduled to cut-over on Nov 7th so we should begin installing equipment and getting things going in the back relatively soon.

          thanks again!!