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  • Outlook prompts for password when shoretel is added as another server type in email

    I'm not sure how to phrase this. I am a new IT contractor for a company. They have a shoretel system that a Shoretel dealer installed. He added shoretel as another server type in outlook (add email account). Now, all users are being prompted to enter their username/password for outlook when they log on. They are again prompted when launching outlook. Despite checking "save password", they are prompted every time they either log in or launch outlook. I have followed all MS articles to "outlook does not save password" to no avail. If I remove the shoretel account, all works well with saved passwords. When I add the shoretel account in again, they are right back to password prompting. This behavior is occurring in Outlook 03, and 07 (I am upgrading all workstations to 07). This is driving my customer crazy. Any thoughts?

    Extra Info: Don't know if this changes anything, but their are connected to a hosted exchange system using RPC over HTTP. The exchange server is not in-house.
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    ShoreTel Call Manager (the client software) installs a MAPI account into Outlook when it is installed. This is how it shows ShoreTel voicemail messages in Outlook. Call Manager also imports the Outlook contacts (an possibly Public Folders if configured) when it starts up, this gives the dial by name functionality in Call Manager. I think the password prompt is coming up when Call Manager tries to do it's import.

    I don't know how to stop this happening but this might help you get on track with your troubleshooting.