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  • Calling a Hunt Group from a SIP device results in multiple calls

    We have recently installed a Valcom VIP-172L Intercom for our front door. I have connected it to ShoreTel with SIP (our only SIP device). Right now, I have it set to call our receptionist, and she can answer the call and open the door. That all works great.

    The problem comes in when I make it call a hunt group. You will see a call from the door, answer it, hear nothing, see a second call, answer it, hear nothing, see a third call, answer it, and it will work. Meanwhile, it keeps ringing others in the hunt group.

    I connected up to the same account with MicroSIP to get some insight. I made a call to the hunt group, and after the call was answered, got the response of "Gone". A second call popped up to the hunt group, which got the response of "Declined", and finally a third call popped up to the receptionist who answered the call, which worked.

    It does not matter who or how many are in the hunt group, how I have it set to ring, etc.

    I've also tried the roundabout way of assigning a DID to the hunt group, and making the intercom call the DID. That works of course, but the audio quality is unusable, it blasts a loud ring through the intercom, and it does not make sense to set it up this way.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    If you find a solution please post it here. I am have an identical issue with a "cyber data sip door phone".


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      I got in touch with our Shoretel vendor. It looks like it's a firmware bug, and the update came out a month or two ago. He said they had the same issue and this fixed it. We're going to try installing it tonight. If I don't post back in a couple days, please reply and remind me.

      I'll be updating to 12.3 build 17.62.5000.


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        I've been on 12.3 build 17.62.5000. for two weeks not and that did not fix that particular problem. Also, all of my 265 phones (800+) have a bug now where there is no "talkback" in the handset earpiece. I would wait until the next build after this.


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          Sorry for bringing this back from the dead, but I am also having an issue with our SIP door intercom calling into a hunt group and not being able to answer the call. The intercom has a "test call function" where you can try calling a number. When I call a regular phone extension, the call log shows ringing, then answered, and hangup. When I call the hunt group extension, I only ever see "calling" but never answered or hangup, the call simply times out.

          I have updated the firmware on the intercom this morning with no change in behavior. We are on a current build of ShoreTel Connect Premises.


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            We have a SIP doorbell. we created a trunk group with no outboound access. and the inbound destination is set to a AA.
            so create a AA and record a second of silence
            set the timeout to 3 miliseconds
            and timeout destination to the HG
            ShoreTel Connect
            Build 21.79.9330.0


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              So BWall, you created a SIP trunk group for your doorbell to use as an incoming route to the AA menu? I am a bit lost as to how exactly you are using the trunk. I cannot figure out how. I am able to program the doorbell to dial an extension and have played around with the trunks but cannot figure it out.
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                I agree with SeanZ that it is not clear what type of trunk group BWall created or how it's used. I assume you need to create a User Group with access to this Trunk group only. However, since the trunk group doesn't allow outbound dialing, you can't choose it as an option for the User Group. Would you share your Trunk Group and any other pertinent settings for this config? Thanks in advance!
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