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  • How to ring an OSE (off system extension) in a Hunt Group?

    How to ring an OSE (off system extension) in a Hunt Group?

    Customer has a 3rd party 911 dispatch system that we have setup SIP Tie Trunks too. Extension to Extension calls work fine. Setup 2 users respectively to match the 3rd party OSE destinations using External Assignment to ring them in a Hunt group. The calls ring across the SIP Tie trunk but disconnect after answering. Same affect if you call the new ShoreTel ext direct that is set for External Assignment. Tried playing with SIP Profiles, codecs and ext assignment options. Any thoughts on how to ring an OSE in a Hunt Group? I am having no luck finding any info. The system is currently on an old 14.2 build and being upgraded to Connect in the next couple weeks.

    Thank you in advance!

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    OSEs are not supported in Hunt Groups and I have never seen a workaround that will get past that. I am a little unclear on your call flow from that description though and there may be other options depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Why would you need to call the dispatch system as a member of a HG? What is the business case that needs to be accomplished here? Is this to kick off an event? Part of an automated flow the dispatch system executes when an event comes in? An administrative call? Do the dispatch system users have native ShoreTel phones on their desk as well, or just endpoints for the dispatch system?


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      Well it does sound promising that it will se the call up. How good are your SIP skills, it sounds to me like something fixable, just something wrong in the config somewhere.
      Like blanning, I also don't really understand why you have it set up that way... so like he is alluding to, maybe there is a better way to accomplish this without having to figure out what is going wrong after the call is answered.

      If you want, you can PM me a packet trace, or screenshots of each Invite and OK with SDP and blur out any sensitive info (obviously the packet trace would be better, but I understand data protection etc.)


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        The dispatch system is completely separate at the moment with it's own handset, lines and softclient. They also have a Shoretel phone that is at that station which allows them to answer general (non 911) calls to the police department shoretel system. The idea is that they can consolidate down to 1 device (911 system) to receive calls. They also want to be able to make ext and outbound calls from that OSE which is working at this point. I am going to do more testing today as I had a limited window. We may try to ring a route point that points to that OSE first and then rolls to the larger hunt group on no answer. I understand this atypical! Appreciate the help.


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          Ended up being a SIP profile setting to allow hairpin and enable donotrefer.
          This allowed the 3rd party (Zetron) to answer.
          I had asked that question yesterday, but they said it was standard, so we had to dig a bit.
          Calls now ring the Hunt group which rings a ShoreTel extension that is set to external assignment to my OSE.
          One catch is that I am only able to send 1 call to the extension when set to external assignment which may be by design.
          To work around, I created two users in ShoreTel that external assign to the same extension and then ring them in a top down scenario.
          Upgrading to Connect tonight so will see if it all breaks!
          Thanks for the assistance and I hope this is helpful to others.