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  • JLeon
    Understood... I appreciate the response.... Thank you.

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  • bhaikalis
    This is something you should work with your Shoretel VAR with.

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  • JLeon
    started a topic ShoreTel Web Service SDK - I need Help

    ShoreTel Web Service SDK - I need Help

    Hi, Hopefully this is the right place to post this. My apologies in advance if it isn't.

    I've been tasked with the integration of our ShoreTel system with our custom company CRM.

    The goal is ultimately to have a customer call into our ShoreTel system... where their phone number will be looked up and referenced against the CRM... if the number exists it will then be transferred to a specific Route Point.

    However, I'm not sure on how to accomplish this since I don't have any documentation or examples on how to use the ShoreTel Web SDK.

    I guess my first question is...

    Will the Web SDK allow me to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

    and, Where can I find documention and/or examples of how to use the SDK?

    Any helpful information would be greatly be appreciated.... Thank you.