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  • Fx0 port - for School Bell System

    I'm being told we, as a district need to supply our Bell System a port they call an "Fx0". Can anyone shed some light on this, as I have spare analog phone ports we are not currently using for faxes, but they tell me the "Bell System" generates its own dial tone.

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    Your phone is connected to an FXS port, which means that the port generates dialtone for the phone.
    An FXO port is one that you would connect to an outside phone line. It does not generate dialtone because it expects dialtone to be provided by the outside device.

    All the Shoregear switches (except an SG24A would have both FXS and FXO ports. Older full width SG switches had universal ports that can be changed in programming.

    Even though you likely have FXO ports on the Shoregear switches, you may be using all your FXO ports for your incoming phone lines. It would be hard to say without looking at your switch configuration.


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      What they want is a trunk port from the ShoreTel system, just don't configure any dialing features on the trunk, make sure you create a School Bell System User group and only assign this trunk to it. Are you planning on using the phone system to trigger the bells??


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        Basically all it is a dry trunk that will allow you to pass tones between the ShoreTel system and the bell system. Please share with us how the ShoreTel system works with the Bell system, it will better help us help you.


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          I am guessing that @MikeB_BISD wants to use the ShoreTel to be able to call into the bell system and initiate pages and enter paging codes from the phone. We do this extensively with our customers. There was a document available at one time that was made to make the ShoreTel be able to dial these numbers without getting filtered or parsed for dialing. I got it from the Mitel Support site and it's called "How Do I Connect A Valcom 2003 Paging System To The ShoreTel System.docx". It shows how to create a custom dial string rule to allow for no digit filtering and assumes a dial tone to allow you to enter paging codes from the ShoreTel without getting errors. I do not use a Valcom, but the principle works for most other paging systems, such as Carehawk and Bogen.