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  • Telstrat Call Recording / Screen capture

    Anyone using the Telstrat call recording solution?? The call recording works fine but I'm having a heck of a time getting the screen capture proxy client (Win 10 machine) to connect to the proxy host server. I have specific FW rules on the Win 10 machine setup to allow the ports needed be for some reason the local windows FW is blocking, It works on Wins 7 machines but Win 10 is getting blocked.

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    We had setup Telstrat call recording with a customer of ours when we installed their ShoreTel system. A few years later, the customer called and said that the Telstrat stuff stopped working after they upgraded to windows 10. I called Telstrat and they said that they have a newer version of the software that will work with windows 10 but there is no easy "upgrade" solution for them. They would need to essentially get Telstrat to install the new version as if it was a fresh install. It meant that for our customer, they had to pay the full price of a brand new Telstrat install, setup and configuration and they were NOT happy about it.

    I would contact Telstrat and make sure that the version of call recording software works with both windows 7 AND 10 because I bet that it does not. Ours did not, anyways... Good luck sir!


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      Wow!! thanks for the update. That is some good news at east I have something to work with now.


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        So this was a couple of years back?? I would hope they resolved this after two years but its worth a shot. I did speak with them multiple times and they just push this off on a Windows 10 local FW issue.