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  • shamrocked
    Thanks a lot for the feedback and sorry for the delay. We never did get this working. Our business units worked around it and we've adopted an eFax type model, though we'd love to have single number dialing faxing back if we can pull that off with ShoreTel and SIP.

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  • justalurker
    We are working on adding SIP trunks to our system but every vendor we talk to recommends that we do not use SIP for fax. You might be able to work with your SIP provider to get a better connection (more bandwidth) for fax calls but at this point we plan on following our vendor's recommendation and routing faxes through traditional connections. Which will work good for outbound calls and calls to dedicated fax numbers ... not so good for receiving faxes on "voice" extensions as you are doing.

    I have our system set to reroute faxes that are sent to voice extensions to either our fax server (RightFax) or each site's fax machine (if it is connected to a ShoreTel line).

    I hope you are able to resolve the issue.

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  • shamrocked
    started a topic SIP, Inbound Fax, and ShoreTel

    SIP, Inbound Fax, and ShoreTel

    I recently upgraded from PRI/T1's to SIP on my ShoreTel phone system. I put an Ingate SIParator in front of the ShoreTel system, and the majority of the functionality works as intended.

    The last thing that I can't get to work is inbound faxing.

    Before I upgraded, I had inbound faxing working so that a fax to anyone's number on the ShoreTel system would be identified and would be redirected to a GFI FaxMaker system, which would then handle the distribution of the fax. The way this worked is an auto-attendant would answer the initial call, DSP's in the ShoreTel system would hear CNG, and they would reinvite with T38. If it wasn't a fax, the auto-attendant would proceed with standard call flow. Now that we're using SIP, the DSP's in ShoreTel can't detect CNG and thus we never reinvite with T38 to convert to a fax call.

    I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with a third party device that can be used as an SBC/gateway for fax detection over SIP? Perhaps something that I can put in between my Ingate SIParator and the ShoreTel system? I've been told that a Cisco Voice Gateway would accomplish what I'm trying to do, but I'm wondering if anyone's faced similar challenges and might be aware of a similar device that can do this?