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  • Paging System Setup

    I am currently attempting to setup a ShoreGear 90 with the ability to connect to a Bogen TPU60B amplifier. I am not sure how the connection is supposed to be setup. So far I have attempted to setup an Analog Loop Start Trunk and an off-site extension, but have had no luck in getting any dial tone. Can someone please help, so that I can get this paging system up and running for this customer???

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    If you are setting up an analog trunk, you will not get dial tone. It depends on the setup you have. My guess though, assuming you are looking for dial tone, is that you need to setup an analog extension on the system instead of a trunk.

    It all depends on whether your paging controller / amp has an FXS or FXO port.


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      You basically have 3 ways you can hook up a paging system from ShoreTel that I know of. Paging port, Trunk, or Analog extension.

      If you just need single zone paging, then you can probably just connect the paging port from the ShoreGear 90 to your amplifier. If you need multi-zone paging, then you will probably have to add a multi-zone paging module from bogen and connect it to your amp. To that multi-zone paging module, you can connect either a trunk port and off-system extension, or an analog extension port from the ShoreGear.

      Also, if you contact Bogen, they will provide assistance as to where and what to connect to their amp.


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        Most of the time when using a trunk port you will need to log in with a support entry and add this: ;1G;1I to the paging trunk group. But if it is a single zone then use the page port as gberkemeyer mentioned.


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          Could I get a little more info on where to add the ;1G;1I. I am trying to get a Valcom 2003 to work with a Shoretel 220T1A


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            Use Director in Support Mode, accessed by pressing Ctrl-Shift and clicking on User Name before logging in.

            Set up a dedicated loop start trunk group (let's call it Paging). The access code doesn't matter (it might as well be 9), since it won't be added to any user group.

            Assign the Class Connect box an extension. e.g.199, and add that as an Off System Extension (199-199) in the Paging trunk group.

            Add the string ;1G;1I (capital letter i) to the custom plan string of the Paging trunk group. The first three characters say to wait 1 second after going off hook and presume a connection even if dials tone is not heard, the second three characters say not to outpulse the off system extension (e.g. 199) after the trunk is seized.

            Add trunks in the Paging trunk group that are to be connected to the Class Connect box.

            To use this setup, dial 199, wait 1+ second and hear the Class Connect box's dial tone then press the DTMF to access the feature you want.


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              Thanks aj, we didn't know anything about the "support" login. It took a minute to find everything, but we're are working.