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  • Call Manager Integration issues with CommunigatePro

    We use communigate pro, and it's associated mapi connector for full groupware functionality. We have over 200 users using the system, and it works almost perfectly (as perfectly as Exchange, at least)

    We just purchased and are putting the finishing touches on our ShoreTel install (fabulous!!!), and have begun to be overwhelmed with issues to our mail system. Outlook goes into offline mode, it won't send or receive, and putting it back online does not always fix the issue.

    This happend simultaneously with the call manager install, and if we exit the call manager, Outlook stops mis-behaving.

    So . . . . here is what I'm after here.

    1.) How exactly does the advanced call manager interact with Outlook. If I knew that, I might be able to troubleshoot on the communigate side of things as well.

    2.) Can I make the call manager relax a bit in it's thirst for domination . . . ha!

    3.) If all else fails, can I shut off the hold it has on outlook without completely disabling everything good outlook integration provides (phone numbers resolving to names, dialing out of address book, mail within the inbox, etc. . . )

    Thanks for your help.

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    Do you have really large public contacts? It cuold hang trying to import those. Try either de-selecting the public contacts, or maybe try disk caching them.

    this is all found in the Call manager.


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      That was pretty much the issue. Once we configure cacheing, the issue because pretty much non-existant

      Thanks for your help!