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  • Ingate-AKA SIParator & ShoreTel

    Anyone use this for SIP trunks/calls, was it hard to config?


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    I was also very interested in the Ingate Product. I was gently urged to wait. I was given hints that Shoretel is working on some sort of way to provide similar functionality in their phones, either a VPN client built into the phone itself or a hardware vpn box that would insert in between the phone and the remote clients home network.

    While it is not a sip proxy, it would allow us to send phones home with employees without messing with their home configurations... i.e. configuring a linksys from wallmart for someone’s house.

    I would also really like to hear the pros and cons of the ingate.. in case the shoretel solution does not materialize.


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      I think you are confused. The SIParator is a SIP firewall that translates SIP trunks to be compatible with Shoretel systems. I know Paetec is supposed to be compatible with them now. I have never installed one, but I watched them do it at the partners conference and it seemed to be pretty straight forward.

      The Mediatrix SIP convertor, converts SIP trunks into analog devices. I don't see how either would benefit a single "home" user.

      As far as a "VPN" phone, I can neither confirm, nor deny .

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        Sip Proxy

        Ingate claims that you can use their product to send any SIP based phone home with a user. They can then connect to the shoretel system without any VPN using their encrypted SIP Proxy solution

        I did a couple of demos on the product. It seems very similar to the Cisco Teleworker proxy.

        Allows Nat transversal of SIP traffic.


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          I think Ingate offers that, but what I want to do is use it as or SIP firewall / translate SIP. I config it as a stand alone, inside IP with the diry net IP on the outside. I'm thinking we have an issue with our SIP provider (AGN). Anyone use AGN?


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            After months of multiple unresolved service requests and much finger pointing- I am ripping out my Ingate box and replacing it with a PRI/T1.


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              We are using the Ingate w/ ST8 and it works great. The ingate was shipped here pre-configured from and was up and running within 15 mins.


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                Ingate Siperator

                I have install two of them and its not worth the hours of configuration and tweeking every carrier the setup is different if you plan to take this on the Shoretel tech note will only get you only so far then you will need to contact Scott Beer 616-963-0933 at Ingate support to fine tune.
                Faxing does not work and sometimes oneway audio beware!


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                  Acutally my phone number is 613-963-0933.


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                    I have had ongoing issues with one-way audio on the Siparator after upgrading to the latest firmware.

                    Similar to other users, I am also wondering if the complexity of the Siparator is necessary in my environment. There is already a Juniper firewall in place that looks after the security side of things.

                    Is it possible to use an asterisk based system to provide the SIP trunking on a Shoretel system? Has anyone tried this? Is there any gotchas to be aware of?


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                      onhold, one way audio?

                      Are you certain you are connecting to the "proper" proxy servers at the ITSP? Ask the ITSP if they have different proxy connection servers depending on where your session border controller is locationed (pre-firewall/NAT or Behind a Firewall). Their servers could be changing the RTP ports incorrectly.


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                        we tried using the siparator in australia. We had to call the home country to get help. They knew their products but it was a complex setup. And also found you had to configure for each accounts particular settings. However, in some cases we just couldn't get it to work.