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  • QoS on Cisco switches

    Hi All,
    I'm new to VoIP, QoS, and telephony in general, so I apologize if this sounds really dumb.

    I've read over the ShoreTel best practices WAN and VLAN documents (ST-0130 & ST-0131), and I'm afraid that when it comes to QoS, I'm completely lost.

    We have a single site, with no slow links. Every link is at least FastEthernet.

    The #1 problem is that we've got a Cisco 3750 as our core (L3) switch and Cisco 2960s (with PoE) as the access switches. Regarding the information in ST-0130, which goes into setting up QoS on Cisco equipment, I can't use the examples, because the options included in the code isn't supported on the hardware:

    For instance, the document states:
    policy-map VOIP_POLICY
    priority percent 75

    The problem is that the only options available are:
    VOIP15a(config-pmap)#class SHORETEL_VOIP
    QoS policy-map class configuration commands:
    exit Exit from QoS class action configuration mode
    no Negate or set default values of a command
    police Police
    service-policy Configure QoS Service Policy
    set Set QoS values
    trust Set trust value for the class

    I think that what I would like to do is set up DiffServ here, but I really don't know how to do that either. The same document does mention using DiffServ with Ethernet near the bottom, but it mentions applying it to the ingress queue, and the Cisco documentation says that ingress queues aren't supported. Maybe I'm misreading the Cisco docs... The docs state that "Catalyst 2960-S switches do not support ingress queueing" Our switches are Cisco WS-C2960S-24PS-L, which are the stackable PoE Gigabit switches.

    Consequently, I'm really lost here. Any help would be very much appreciated!


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    response to question qos for 3750

    I think this link answers your question ?

    QoS Questions for 3750 Switches


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      Originally posted by sqas View Post
      I think this link answers your question ?

      QoS Questions for 3750 Switches
      FYI - Link is broken