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  • Dial into ST to have ST dial a number

    Hey guys,

    Lets put security issues aside; Is there any 3rd party app or whatever that can make the following situation possible?:

    You have a DID on the PBX that a user can dial, then have some sort of menu where the user can enter a phone number to have the PBX dial for the user. So that the user's cell phone number, etc is masked and the BTN of the company shows up on Caller ID instead.

    So, not like office anywhere or a route point assigned to an external number, because thats a static entry, but one where the user defines the number to call each time.

    Does this make sense?

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    Configure an analog extension and an analog trunk. Connect them with a wire. Could also be done with a PRI. ShoreTel's SIP doesn't seem robust enough to do it with SIP without additional software. If you really want software-only, I know of some ways to do it, with varying levels of functionality based on what exactly you want to do.
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      I've done it connecting to an Asterisk box with Sip trunks.


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        @Palitto Consulting, I had a feeling you would know of some ways to do it.

        The problem with Analog trunks, is they dont have those in Germany.

        Maybe I'll check out the Asterisk via SIP trunks way. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how to do it with a PRI...

        Thanks guys.


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          We also have a PRI and I was hoping to figure out a way to make this work. No luck yet, but sounds like there is hope.


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            Office Anywhere and Mobile Call Manager are designed to do exactly what you want.

            You use Mobile Call Manager to dial the number and it rings to your Cell via Office Anywhere to complete your end of the call before dialing the external number.


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              Yes, I know both of these, but they dont do what I said, which is DIAL IN to a DID and have some sort of prompt, to dial whatever number I wish, and have the PBX dial that number on a second trunk.


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                On most telephone systems there is what we call Direct Inward System Access (DISA). Once you have called in and entered your passcode, you can dial out, intercom, page and such.
                Would be great to have it. People understand it and use it. Everything else we sell it is a standard feature. Two years back the cost from Professional Services was $3200 for [I]five licenses[I]to do it.


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                  Ah, so what you really want is some sort of calling card app? Where you dial in to the system enter your calling card number (aka PIN) and then enter an external number to dial.


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                    That sounds good, yes.