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  • Whats MIBS are support on Shoretel

    Whats MIBS are support on Shoretel. Simple question but i can't find an answer

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    I don't think anyone can find an answer.

    For Shoretel SNMP stands for: Shoretel Needs MIBS Programming.


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      I have came across this several times in the past what i suggest you do is a walk through then query the results for the need traps you would like to set. I find this is a common practice for I.T staffs that maintain a contact center and use a 3rd party network surveillance application to send alert when key services and are process are not running on the contact center server. Though i know two sources can be a paint but i find between event traps and specific snmp traps via windows MIB's i can build an alert for most requests.


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        ShoreTel SG Switches conform to MIB 2