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  • Gigaset A580IP. 6 phones SIP, 1 base!

    Finally configured 6 SIP cordless gigaset phones to 1 base. Works really well.
    We have Shoretel 10.2.
    6 x Siemens Gigaset A580IP handsets.
    1 x Siemens Gigasrt base station.
    The Gigaset allows up to 6 handsets. Basically it can have either a fixed PSTN line or Network connection into the base station. We have it configured so that all 6 handsets have their own ext from shoretel.
    The handsets are wireless but not 802.11x. Its digital DECT. Longer range. At anyone time, the bae can handle 1 fixed line and 2 connections concurrently. I havent tried to see what happens when all 6 handsets try to call.
    The usual USERID and password for SIP needs to be in the user profile. Keyu point is to ensure you have the correct ip addresses in the server sections of the advanced options on the base station.
    Gigaset allows you to setup some internet services too on the handsets. I think we choose weather on our units.

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    Hi Guy,

    I'm trying to set one of these up now but am not having much luck. I've connected many other SIP devices to a ShoreTel but for some reason can't get this one going. Are you able to step me through the settings you had to input to get this phone going?




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      dickie, shoot me a private message or go to my website and use the details there.

      I did find it a little difficult at first to configure but it works fine afterwards.


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        I'm having trouble as well. Any chance of posting the solution in the forums?