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  • Google Apps with Shoretel

    Has anyone attempted a migration to Google Apps while using Shoretel. I have been messing around with various possible ways to get Personal Call manager's contact import function to work using a Google-Apps Sync verson of Outlook.

    My attempts have been partially successful, but I was curious if anyone had any better ideas.


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    I am also wondering about this as I am possibly looking into replacing my Exchange server with Google Apps.


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      Thus far we have done an initial migration of one of our business units. It has been working pretty well thus far.

      The main hiccup I have had is with the Call Manager Contact features. They are configured ONLY to download from outlook, and ONLY to download from a specific type of account within outlook. So trying to get a list of contacts imported has been difficult. I have not yet found an actual good solution.

      Otherwise it works great. I love it. You DO have to realize though that there is not full feature parity with Exchange. Though that would be the same thing if you were moving to Lotus notes or any other email platform.


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        We are a ShoreTel and Google Apps partner/vendor and use this configuration in our office currently. We have seen no issues with this configuration as ShoreTel UM and Call Manager are not reliant on Exchange integration, just Outlook integration. Using Outlook 2007 (ShoreTel doesn't support 2010 yet) or lower, you can integrate both Google Apps and ShoreTel UM simultaneously.

        To perform the integration successfully, the Google Apps Sync client is required for two-way sync of calendar and contacts to Google's servers. Any changes made to the contacts and calendar using the sync client will be reflected on Google's servers and the ShoreTel Call Manager software.

        Hope this helps, good luck.


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          The solution you're using requires Outlook to be used as the mail client yeah? Anybody had success with contacts etc without using Outlook between Google and ShoreTel?


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            chrisc -

            Are you saying you are using outlook with google apps and it works with PCM? We are in the process of migrating to Exchange online and getting rid of our in-house Exchange server but so far I cannot get PCM to work with Exchange online and I don't know why since it should only be dependant on Outlook. I am using Outlook 2007 and it was working until I migrated my mailbox to Exchange Online. Any clues why PCM would not work for me?


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              Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, we are using Outlook with Google Apps as the back-end mail service. It works flawlessly as long as you use the Google Apps Sync app which runs in the background of your PC, it can be found on Google's site.

              Regarding PCM, there are only two ways to integrate contacts with the software. Outlook integration is the primary mode of use when integrating contacts in real-time with an outlook address book. The other way is to build a private contact list inside PCM and manually update it as needed. PCM will not pull directly from a cloud service, Outlook is required on the local PC to achieve the real-time contact integration.

              Hope this helps.
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                Topic Bump

                Looking at a Google Apps migration. Has anyone gotten this to work so far?


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                  I use the Google app sync tool with Outlook 2010. It seems to work happily with ShoreTel Communicator and it syncs contacts without a problem, as long as I don't enable the feature to look at Voicemail in Outlook. If that is turned on then the app sync addin and ShoreTel stamp all over each other and Outlook locks up. I prefer to use the Voicemail tab in Communicator so that is not a big problem for me.


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                    Yes, my company as well as several others are using Google Apps with no issues. On ST 12.3.


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                      Is there a way for shoretel communicator to sync directly with Google Apps contacts without using outlook?

                      Google Apps just announced this today but not sure if Shoretel can utilize this method to sync with Google. I'm trying to find a way for my users to sync with their Google contacts. It would be slick to even be able to dial out from the contact search eventually.


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                        Is all that it requires is entering the gmail consumer key and consumer secret into Director? Is there anything else that needs to be done on the router? I have tried to work with ShoreTel support, but I am not confortable with their answer as they are requiring me to modify the SMTP service on the HQ Server and also create NAT/PAT rules to switch internal port 25 to external port 587.

                        We have a customer who uses Google Business and use the Google web based email (they do not use Outlook). We want to allow users to have their voice mail forwarded to their email address. Is this the correct solution? They are at Release 13.

                        Thanks in advance!


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                          Hello All,

                          It's been almost 3 years since the last post. Just checking if there is an update on this? We are using Google Apps for email (NO Outlook at all) and would like to sync end users contacts with their ShoreTel contacts. Thanks!