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  • SIPOD device

    Well I finally have my SIPOD device working. We had an issue with a previous model dropping from our wireless LAN. We use Sonicwall and Sonicpoint routers and wireless APs.

    OK, so to configure this wasn't too hard. Its basically following the same steps used for a LinkSYS WIP330. I have copied some of the steps from the posting.

    Setup shoretel environment.
    1) Under Administration -> Call Control -> Options
    - Set your SIP Realm to "ShoreTel"
    - Enable SIP Session Timer
    - Set Session Interval to "3600"
    - Set Refresher to "Caller (UAC)"
    - Disable "Always Use Port 5004 for RTP"

    2) Under Administration -> Switches
    - Choose a switch with at least 5 free IP Phone ports
    - Change one of the ports from "5 IP Phones" to "100 Sip Proxy"
    - Write down the IP address of the switch. ie

    3) Under Administration -> Sites
    - Choose the site associated with the switch you chose in step 2
    - Under the "SIP Proxy" section set "Proxy Switch 1" to the switch you chose in step 2

    4) Under Administration -> Users -> Individual Users
    - Select user you want to assign phone to or create a new user
    - Assign to the same site as the switch (see step 2).
    - Set their "Home Port" to "Any IP Phone"
    - Scroll down and set their "SIP Password". Record it and client userid. We userd:
    password: 123456
    client id: SIPOD

    Setup the SIPOD
    1. Join to the wireless LAN.
    2. Go to Settings -> SIP Profile.
    3. Selecte New Profile.
    4. Select Edit SIP.
    - Enter SIP User Name. In our case SIPOD
    - Enter SIP Password. In our case 123456
    - Assign display name.
    - Save it.
    5. Scroll down 1. Select Edit Domain
    - Enter SIP Domain. We put in our switch IP
    - Enter SIP Domain Port. Default of 5060.
    - Save it.
    6. Scroll down 1. Select Edit out Proxy.
    - Enter SIP Out proxy. In our case I used the SIP proxy Virtual IP address.
    - Enter SIP Out Proxy Port. We used default 5060.
    - Save it.
    7. Scroll down and select save.
    - Assigned profile name. we just used the ext number.
    8. If you have multiple profiles you will need to select the active profile.
    Hope this helps.
    Notes: What I did find is the device had to be turned off and restarted for the registering process to work. I would wait 20 mins to try and register after updating a profile. It never worked. Power cycling the device, and it connected in like 20 seconds.

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    Has anyone deployed these in a practice yet?


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      I tried emailing them and it bounced. What do you think of the device you've tested?


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        I suggested some improvements. The audio was clear and it functioned well.
        However, I could see no way of making random calls out. You need to have the phones in the address book on the device. As hands free wireless communicator, it would do the job well. I can see it as a device used by medical staff in a hospital for example.
        With all the cordless / wireless devices I have seen, they all use SIP. Means that the directory function and some other shoretel features are not available.