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  • ShoreTel with OCS and Live Meeting

    I am wanting to test ShoreTel with OCS and Live Meeting.

    The goal is to find a product to replace our existing converged conferencing solution.

    OCS enterprise is working today and live meeting is working (except for audio integration with ShoreTel).

    My thoughts for the project are as follows:
    • We'll need an edge server for external connectivity for visual portion of Live Meeting. This will be behind an ISA server.
    • We'll need SIP trunking between OCS and ShoreTel phone system for voice portion.
    • We'll possibly need a mediation server like ingate to handle SIP translation in case OCS and ShoreTel don't talk well.

    Any other thoughts? Do any of you have experience with this? Feedback on the final product?

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    I am looking into doing this too and was curious if you made any progress.