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  • Icetoad
    Just an update, we are currently working with Nerdviddles to create a front end to their teleyapper program which runs on asterix.

    The project will be open source once completed and included in the teleyapper module and distrobution.

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  • We are in need of an outbound appointment reminder system...

    We currently have a shoretel system on 9.1 fully deployed with 69 outbound phone lines available.

    We are looking for an outbound calling system that can call a list of numbers imported from a CSV.

    Here are the features we require:
    1. Must run as a service, not desktop applications
    2. Must not require a sound card on the server.. or has a virtual sound card.
    3. Must be able to do text to voice ( IE: Cepstral )
    4. Needs ability to schedule multiple campaigns at one time.
    5. Ability to set the amount of out bound lines being used.

    Features we would like:
    1. Web interface that would allow the scheduling and text to voice scripting.

    We are open to using asterisk or other phone software. I do have to note that we did try the the shoretel IVR addon and determined that it cannot handle our goals as noted above.

    We want to use the system to call patients and remind them of their scheduled appointments. They were also thinking of doing patient surveys with them, but the primary goal is to increase patient visits.

    We are a non-profit company but do have funds allocated for this project and are ready to move ahead. Demo's welcome!

    Please call me or respond to this post: 407 614 5302