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  • Recommended integrated fax solutions...

    Does anyone have an integrated fax solution for the ShoreTel phone system that they would recommend? I noticed that ShoreTel is partnered with GFI for GFI Fax Maker. Has anyone tried this?

    We tried a MultiTech fax server, but had compatibility problems with the modem connecting to many different fax machines.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I only know Multitech, and have always liked it. Try this and see if you get any info: ShoreTel Forums - Search Results


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      Originally posted by Bobby_Digital View Post
      I only know Multitech, and have always liked it...
      Which fax server are you using? We had about 1/3 of our customers who couldn't receive faxes from us because the Mulitech server wasn't compatible with their fax machine...go figure. Neither our ShoreTel partner nor Mulitech could resolve the problems we were having.


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        Has anyone ever heard of or installed Axacore's FaxAgent? I talked with them this morning, and they have a fully-integrated solution that seems to be really nice. They support their appliance on VMware, as well.
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          We've deployed all of ours with GFI Faxmaker, except one a long time ago. The customer wanted Faxcore (which works great in their very high volume fax environment). GFI has worked. It's not as pretty as some of the other, more expensive solutions. It just seems to work. Plus, they are going to integrate T.38 directly in the product so no need for the Brooktrout SR140 licensing.


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            Thank you, Chris!