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  • ShoreTel SIP Trunking to any other IP-PBX

    Reviewing many of the post on this board, I see one common topic, Can I SIP Trunk from the ShoreTel to another IP-PBX?

    What you find is that every IP-PBX vendor has a different implementation of SIP Trunking. Like Snow Flakes - they are all different.

    The benefit of an SBC, like an Ingate, is for Protocol mediation. When two parties cannot talk directly to each other, then an SBC can help change the SIP Protocol to allow the two parties to talk. The Ingate has tools like a B2BUA to separate the call signalling from direct peer to peer, to a more peer to Ingate to peer signalling. The Ingate can customize every header within the SIP Protocol.

    I personally assisted in integrating a ShoreTel with a Mitel, Cisco CUCM, Asterisk, Avaya and one other I don't recall. Where previous attempts were unsuccessful, the use of the Ingate assisted in the two vendors communicate successfully.

    Just FYI.

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    Would you be able to share your Mitel and Cisco information for SIP trunks to a ShoreTel?