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  • Outbound IVR.. but with text to voice

    They gave us the outbound IVR demo and i set it up on the server. I found that i have to record wav files for it to work properly. While this is ok in most instances, i want the IVR to read off someones name when it reminds them of their appointment.

    By reading off the name, the target audience knows which person in the household we are calling about.

    We can record all of our location names and addresses, but we cannot record every possible name.

    I know asterisk had cepstral that you could install and run text to voice, i was wondering if anyone has done something similar to that for shoretel?

    While were are ready to buy the IVR with 15 lines, if there is something better out there, i would like to make sure i have weighed all our options since we will be using this going forward. Most likely they will find other uses, so the more features the better.

    Thanks ahead!