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  • Mediatrix ATA

    I've seen posts from others that the Mediatrix ATA boxes work with ShoreTel as a SIP device.

    I've just putchased a 4102 model. I have the ShoreTel app note and am trying to get the 4102 to register. I've setup a switch as the proxy switch for 100 SIP Proxy, set the proxy switch for the site, setup two extensions each for one of the FXS ports. I've set the SIP passwords on the user extension and then go to the device and plug in the username and passwords, however the device will not register.

    Does anyone have any other setup information they could share for the Mediatrix 4102? ShoreTel version is 9.2


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    Hi PhoneGuy,

    Here is a link to a doc I did for myself on installing Mediatrix 1101 on shoretel 8.1. The install is pretty much the same also there was a funny option which was stopping the faxs picking up calls on the unit that needs to be set. All is in the document. Hope it helps.



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      Do either of you still have fax.docx available? Seems like I am having the exact same problem. The ATA won't register. I verified that Shoretel is setup correctly by using a SIP softphone and it registered fine. Phoneguy, did you ever get this fixed?


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        I do not have that particular document available, but I have been able to get several MediaTrix units working correctly. How far have you been able to get and are you using the software that they supply to configure the unit, or are you using the web interface to the unit?


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          I am using the software and did confirm the ATA has newer firmware. I am following a Shoretel guide that refers to Shoretel 8 so it's pretty old. The ATA has IP settings and the SIP authentication parameters configured. The SIP registration status says unregistered. I keep refreshing the page but nothing happens. Is their debugging or logs?

          Thanks in advance


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            Got it, seems the software interface is buggy. Using syslog was very helpful to notice that even if you uncheck DHCP for some feature or change some other detail, it doesn't necessary make that change on the ATA.


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              Make sure the gateway ip address is set correct on the Mediatrix. I had one the other day that was showing 1 port registered, but the others ports refused to regisiter. Corrected the gateway address, and BOOM, they all regisitered.