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  • Etherspeak Suretrunk alternatives

    Etherspeak has been down for 3 days and they cant seem to figure out the problem. We've lost $1,000's in sales over the weekend because our customers get a message that our number has been disconnected. Needless to say we are quite unhappy with them!! Is anyone out there using another SIP trunk provider that doesn't require the use of an ngate device?

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    I'm not necessarily defending Etherspeak because they do seem to have some challenges, but I have not had any problems with them over the weekend. Is your VPN established to them successfully and are you able to ping the IP they gave you to set your SIP trunks up to? If it's just a problem with the DID reaching you, they should be able to do forwarding or something to help.

    If you want to PM me your telephone number, I could try calling you from "on-net" being that we are both on their network and see if it is truly a problem with them or with something their provider (Level3) is having issues with.


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      They have told me its a problem with L3 and their systems. We can make calls out on etherspeaks network just fine and the communication between us and them is all good. This is just the issue of L3 not routing the number properly to them. While I understand this isn't technically their fault, I still haven't had phone service for 5 days and we are losing lots of money. Since I pay etherspeak and not L3, I do ultimately hold Etherspeak responsible for my service.


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        In answer to your question, no there are currently no other SIP trunk providers who do not require the ngate SIPerator device (and the subsequent issues).