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  • Connecting fax server via PRI

    We have 2 Castelle Enterprise Redundant PRI fax servers. One is connected directly to an AT&T PRI, and the other is sitting on a shelf as a spare.

    One of our sites has recently downgraded, so now we have a spare SG-T1k switch. Currently we are on 8.2.

    I would like to connect the spare Faxpress server to our shoretel system via the SG-T1k, to send and receieve fax's over our shoretel lines.

    It looks like this can be accomplished several different ways, and I was wondering which way may be the best.

    I've configured T1k's to connect to different carrier's, but never set one up as a 'carrier'. Should I set it up as a ISDN Network (as opposed to ISDN user), or use QSIG (does ECMA or ISO matter?)?

    The Faxpress server's PRI settings seem to be alot more flexible's then the Shoretel's, so whatever I had to set shortel up as, I'm sure I can get the faxpress server to match.

    On Shoretel, with setting up Fax DID's to go over a 'PRI', is that the same as setting up fax DTMF account's for an analog fax server?
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    Well, I seem to be having problems getting past layer 1. I made what I thought was a T1 crossover/rollover cable.

    The SGT1k shows a green light & yellow light, the director shows Dchannel down, line coding OK, and Framing Yellow Alarm.
    The Dialogic Diva test tool (on the fax server) says there's a cabling issue, and shows a red light on the PRI/T1 card.

    I tried making a RJ48x cable:
    pin 1 to pin 4
    pin 2 to pin 5
    pin 4 to pin 1
    pin 5 to pin 2

    While doing more research, I came across 2 other PIN outs, and now not sure which one to use (though I doubt it's the European one).

    European - Telcos (or PBXs) implmenting EuroISDN use the PRI pin-out for PRI lines, which follows the I.431 specification for PRI lines. This layout is also used in other parts of the world where EuroISDN is implemented.

    DIVA Server PRI Card (RJ-45) Telco PRI-Line termination
    Pin 1 (Rx+) <--------------------------- Pin 1 (Tx+)
    Pin 2 (Rx-) <--------------------------- Pin 2 (Tx-)
    Pin 4 (Tx+) ---------------------------> Pin 4 (Rx+)
    Pin 5 (Tx-) ---------------------------> Pin 5 (Rx-)

    North American - Telcos (or PBXs) typically use the BRI pin-out for PRI lines, following the I.430 specification for BRI lines.

    DIVA Server PRI Card (RJ-45) Telco PRI-Line termination
    Pin 1 (Rx+) <--------------------------- Pin 4 (Tx+)
    Pin 2 (Rx-) <--------------------------- Pin 5 (Tx-)
    Pin 4 (Tx+) ---------------------------> Pin 3 (Rx+)
    Pin 5 (Tx-) ---------------------------> Pin 6 (Rx-)

    I'm basically trying to connect this as "PBX to PBX".
    Anyone have any thoughts on the pin out?


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      This is offsite and not critical, so I only get to look at it when I have free time. I didn't have any RJ45's to crimp a new cable, but had lot's of 586b's, so instead of making a cable, I made an adapter that goes inbetween 2 cat5 cables.

      It was a silly mistake that kept it from working for me.

      The lesson I learned is, that it doesn't matter what the pin out is on the adapter, if one of the cat5 cables is a rollover cable, the pinouts wont turn out like you think they will.



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        Jason, did this configuration work for faxing over the PRI to the Dialogic Diva? I have a client who wants a similar setup. My concern is passing digits over the PRI to the fax board.