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  • Liquidspoke Liquidware Bakcup

    Does anybody use this? We are looking at it as a more manageable backup solution (till now we have been using a batch script). How do you like it? How is it licensed?

    Last edited by blanning; 03-16-2010, 12:59 PM.

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    Have not used this product specifically, but I can say that in working with Liquid Spoke in other ShoreTel related projects, they know their stuff - sometimes even better than ShoreTel directly. If you need a contact PM me and I can pass along contact info.


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      Good stuff. Just noticed this posting and took a look at their product. Cost is $295.00 per license, 1 per server. They can backup to a network share. I think we might purchase it and see how it works out as we are going to be doing SAN replication and snapshots, so we won't be using our Veritas BackupExec solution any more.