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  • Trying to connect Siemens HiPath to Shoretel with Qsig

    I'm trying to connect a new ShoreTel to a Siemens HiPath using QSIG. Has anyone successfully done this? I have connectivity but caller id name, although it appears in the setup message, is not recognized by the ShoreTel. Bogus error showing D channel down although span is functioning.


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    What model and version of the HiPath are you connecting to. also have you tried setting it up as a pri versus a QSIG trunk.


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      It is a 4000 but no idea of the version. We did try NI2 to NI2 with no success. We telnetted into the Shoretel T1k and were able to see the setup and the facility messages coming from the Siemens. The caller id "name" appears multiple places in the data stream and it looks like the problem is the Facility message just has too much information in it. Any particular commands to turn off some of that data coming from the Siemens? One suggestion from ShoreTel was to set the Siemens as NI2 and the ShoreTel as QSIG ECMA slave. I don't know if/how that will work but I will give it a try today.


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        We are QSIG'd to a 3800. Our ShoreTel config is:

        Layer 3: ECMA QSIG SLAVE
        Layer 1: Slave, CRC-4 Enabled

        Don't have access to the Siemens today, but will get one of the Siemens bods to get on it and screen dump the config tomorrow.


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          QSIG'd to HiPath 3800

          Hello eXpunger,
          I see here that you have (or had) a Shoretel QSIG'd to a Siemens HiPath 3800? Do you have any information that you are willing to share about setting this up and getting everything running. We have a customer that is looking to do the same thing, in order to let them phase in a Shoretel system. Their current budget won't allow them to do everything right now…so we are looking at replacing the Voicemail portion with a Shoretel and allowing them to use some of the UC features within Shoretel…which will allow them to migrate slowly over to the Shoretel system. Any information would be greatly appreciated…thanks again.