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  • Softphone - Headset reccommendation

    We are looking for a recommnedation for headsets to use with laptops for the softphone. Anybody find any that work better than others.

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    Whatever is on the shelf. The ones with Stereo jacks have given me less problems than the USB ones. Best Buy, Compusa, or maybe even Staples or Wal-mart. (of course, if all you have is a USB port on the laptop, don't worry about the stereo jack comment)


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      We have used the GN Netcom 2110 with a USB adapter and it works well. The advantage is that it is a telephone headset and you can use it with the hardphone as well by plugging the quick disconnect into the normal headset cable instead of USB.


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        Plantronics .AUDIO510 USB


        We have a very small call center and implemented ShoreTel softphones. I thought I had done enough homework on headsets. Since Plantronics is a very well known brand, I thought I coud count on it. The .510 is also one of it's best quality headsets, intended for multimedia with noise reduction. We found VERY quickly that these headsets do not work out. Apparently there is a known issue with these USB headsets and VOIP apps like this and Skype. Plantronics' solution is to disable the AGC (Auto Gain Control). The downside is if you disable the AGC, you loose the dB gain necessary to pick up the caller voice correctly...otherwise it comes through too soft. If you enable the AGC, then the volume fluctuates up and down and up and down because it cannot correctly receive the incoming volume level correctly. The AGC issue eventually mutes the caller after thinking the voice is too loud, interrupting the conversation. It also picks up WAY too much around the caller, making the "noise reduction" worthless.

        We're trying to work with our local vendor and ShoreTel, but be VERY careful what type of headset you choose and if you can, contact your local ShoreTel reseller and have THEM obtain one or two headsets for you to test with before you make any serious financial commitments.

        If you have feedback, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].

        Best Regards,
        Dan Abbott


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          Any update on SoftPhone headsets?

          We have tried the Jabra M5390 USB Wireless Headset and have problems with the call volume. The user's voice is too soft and the far end isn't able to hear the user.

          Has anyone experienced this and is there a configuration setting that can be adjusted to allow the user to change their call volume? Is there a better headset available that does have an adjustment for the user's voice rather than just the volume control for the inbound side?

          I can be reached at [email protected] with any suggestions/recommendations.


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            Just an idea

            They sell amplifiers that hook up to plantronic headsets. I can't remember the connection type ect.. but its not usb nor 3.5 adapters. Anyhow, you can manually adjust the incoming voice and outgoing voice. It worked well in a large call center I used to work IT in.

            You can probably find cheaper ones. But this will give you an idea of what I was talking about.

            Plantronics Vista M22 - Headset amplifier

            EDIT - in case your still having this issue a YEAR later. lulz.. sorry forurms.. was a random drop
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              Is it possible that Unregistered is the same Spammer?


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                If you are looking for a WIRED headset, the Plantronics Blackwire C610 works awesome. It is USB.