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  • Voicemail MWI on Cisco 7960 SIP

    Anyone have MWI working on Cisco 7960 SIP phones? What did you need to do to get this working?

    Also, any luck with setting up a backup proxy or some way to failover when the local switch fails?


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    There is a config guide on ShoreTel's website that walks you through how to configure Cisco phones as SIP extensions.

    Specifically you have to add the following line to the custom parameters of the "SIP profile" you created in ShoreWare Director for Cisco phones (you did create a SIP profile right?)



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      I followed this guide pretty closely and setup the SIP profile just like it specified. The only thing I have that is different is that I used a "virtual ip address" in the site window. I used this IP as the proxy ip address in the Cisco phone config. I don't know if this would create a problem. If I remember correctly, phones didn't register until I did this.



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        That is the correct setup. The virtual IP address also allows failover: If the switch hosting SIP dies, the second switch you specified in the site config will transparently take control of the virtual IP. This is how you do failover.


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          Got it figured out. In the SIP profile, I changed the User Agent to be less specific than in the guide referenced above.

          User Agent: ^Cisco-CP7960G

          This allows for different firmware versions.