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  • Q.SIG between a ShoreTel an Nortel

    OK. Has anyone out there got this to work? Please say yes....LOL. I have been asked to make it happen. The Nortel is an Option11 and Shoretel will be the latest. Some Pro's and Con's if you have them. Thanks ahead of time.

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    We have that working at our home office. It allows for CLID to be passed, along with name and number display going both ways across the tie line. Transfers work fine (although around the 3rd or 4th trombone you start to get poor quality), a call parked by the Nortel can be picked up anywhere although ShoreTel parks must be picked up by a ShoreTel. We have managed to come up with fixes for pretty much all of the other necessary features that we could think of.

    Send me a message if you need any configs to make this happen.