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  • New iPhone Software

    Not sure if you all are aware of a new product that hit the streets recently.

    Business Voice over IP Consulting and Integration Services | Pacific Swell Networks, Inc.

    Streamline calls itself "Mobile ShoreTel Call Management for the iPhone". From the website, it looks like you can do basic call handling mode changes, extension reassignment, and Find Me changes. I'd be REALLY interested to know if you can place outgoing calls.

    I have requested more information from Pacificswell and will post back as I get information. In the meantime - has anyone tried this software?

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    Just realized there is a 3rd Party section. Mod, can you move this to the correct area?


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      I bought the program. I used the IPhone's VPN to connect our LAN and was able to set my phone to in a meeting, out of office, etc... When I attempted to use the "Office Anywhere" feature, I received an message saying "Office Anywhere Denied By Administrator". I have Office Anywhere on my BlackBerry Bold so the error message is not completely correct.

      When I try to access the "IPhone" icon, it prompts me with "Streamline Failed. Your admin has disabled External Assignment..." I entered ShoreWare Directory and I found that my External Assignment checkbox was grayed out and I'm unable to do anything with it.

      If I can get StreamLine working, I would probably ditch the BB Bold.


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        I got more information from Pacific Swell.
        The app is $15 from the iTunes store and works like this:
        The app communicates directly to the Shoreware Director server over the IP Network using HTTP over port 8090. Administrators need to pass TCP 8090 through their firewall to the ShorewareDirector server and run an XML script in IIS to add a new site to IIS.
        You log into StreamLine (app on the iPhone) using your ShoreTel client username and password.
        No additional licenses are needed from ShoreTel.

        Sounds like a cool product. It is certainly not a full featured Mobile Call Manager like the Blackberry has but it is also a fraction of the cost. Maybe Pacific Swell will have more features coming out!


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          External Assignment Enablement

          The Office Anywhere that must be enabled is ultimately controlled by a User Group's Class of Service.

          Basically, in order to use StreamLine and the one-touch-to-iPhone button, you must enable External Assignment for that given user's User Group and then respective Class of Service.

          For detailed information and instructions for the set up and other server-side configuration, check out the StreamLine Administrator Guide available at StreamLine Admin Area. Use the default ShoreTel username and password when asked to authenticate to view the resources.

          If you are a ShoreTel partner, please fill out the short form on our Contact Us page at Contact Pacific Swell Networks, Inc. and I'll give you a voucher code for a free download of StreamLine from the app store (quantity of vouchers are limited!).

          If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them and I'll do my best to respond!


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            I figured this would happen after I found out Shoretel 10 wasn't going to support the IPhone. I'm glad someone did this.


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              Has anyone tried Streamline lately? At face value looks interesting. Does it work?
              Last edited by Dennis; 01-21-2013, 10:37 AM.


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                Originally posted by Dennis View Post
                Has anyone tried Streamline lately? At face value looks interesting. Does it work?
                Not much help, but I thought I would share my experience anyway.

                I got a free code from the original maker of the Streamline App when it first became available for iOS (before ShoreTel had their iPhone version of MCM). I believe it was originally released by Pacific Swell, but looks like somebody must have purchased the app and continued development. Searching through my purchase history, I don't even see it listed, so I'm thinking the original version must have been pulled from the iTunes store.

                The original version had a very clean and intuitive interface. It was simple to make changes, but only allowed changes to options available through the web client or calling into the voicemail system. It worked well for me until the iOS update to version 5, then the app stopped working. I deleted it at that point and was glad we hadn't deployed it with all of our execs.


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                  It works great on our inhouse system, which is server 2003 and IIS6....However...Trying to install it on a customers 2008 R2 shoretel server has been a nightmare.

                  Has anyone else had issues with the setup on a 2008 R2 server? The admin guide includes the setup for 2003 but they have not been able to help me with the IIS 7 setup.