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  • Cisco ATA 186

    Has anyone had any luck getting a Cisco ATA working on a Shoretel? I need to for single lines. Thanks

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    Are you wanting to use the Cisco ATA's because you ran out of ATA ports on your ShoreTel switches?


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      I took out a Ciscco with a ShoreTel and the customer has alot of ATA's. And some of these ATA's were at remote locations across P2P's.


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        Sometimes the ATA's are helpful in situations where you need 1 analog device and it's not simple to get a cable run to a ShoreTel switch. I don't recall where, but I have seen posts where others have gotten this to work as a SIP connection with the ATA.


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          Ok got the ATA to work on the ShoreTel. But when I dial 9 I don't get a dialtone. I can go ahead and dial the number just fine. Any ideals?
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            Most ATA's I've seen have their own "dialplan" settings that determine how and when the dialtone and secondary dialtone occur.

            What's important to remember is that most SIP ATA's don't pass anything to the PBX (ie. send the SIP INVITE) until all the digits have already been entered or the digit collection timeout occurs. In other words the ATA provides both dialtones not the ShoreTel system.


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              How did you configure the 186? Did you use the Web interface? What settings did you change on the ATA to get it to talk with Shoretel?




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                Cisco ATA 186

                I have used the Cisco ATA-186 with various SIP services for a while now and can say it is a great piece of equipment that has never let me down.


                It is truly amazing. I have had it up and running for a year now with no faults, reboots, resets or call drops. It simply does its job.

                The device

                Well, itís ugly. OK, not as ugly as SPA-3000 by Sipura but still not as appealing as a Fritz! Box.

                It has one LAN port and 2 FXS ports for connecting analogue phones. There is only one button that glows red when a call is in progress.


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                  I am trying to get the Cisco ATA 186 connected as well. I can get it registered with ShoreTel however there is no dialtone. and it is unable to make inbound and outbound calls. any ideas?